Errors and mistakes are part of the human condition.
However productive valid actions in the social context, are generally the result of an optimization process, elimination of error and failure.

As an artist, this work, but general throughout my process, I am interested in thinking about the legitimacy of the error, as the chance of the unexpected, surprise, the uncontrolled is the possibility to wander, to get away, to rethink the whole creative process and find something truly new.

According to a logical of collage, in the serie Errors, I´ve started to work with burnt frames, failed photographs, imprecise moments from starting films in my camera, I end up with abstract compositions claiming space and and volume.

Error #3, 2010<br /> Error #2, 2009<br /> Error #1, 2009<br /> Peça de Canto, 2010<br /> Peça de Canto, 2010 Peça de Canto, 2010 Peça de Canto, 2010<br />Detail

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