Light (e) motion

Light is by default the primary agent of the visual universe. All mechanisms to see, to look, depend from it, and photography as well.

The considerations of time that the medium imposes by its specificity, is by itself an active action in my process.
In this project, I basically present a visual reference of recording time, the passage and how this course is a constructive agent.

My images in this series, are always captured outside from the real world, but in their autonomous photographic process, they develop small mutations.
The reality translated through the medium and its inner mechanisms are a new reality; a new
fantasy a slower world.

Light (e) motion I , 2003 <br /> Light (e) motion II, 2003<br /> Light (e) motion III, 2005 Light (e) motion IV, 2004<br /> Light (e) motion IV, 2005 <br />

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