Back to 2007, the main idea was to create a narrative with light and time in long exposures.
I end up drawing the circle in the sky. All the images have one minute of exposure, which was the time needed to complete the circle.


This video, takes us to a clear idea of double, as indeed other works in the project One Minute Desire. My interest was the double relationship, the libidinous kiss, touch and continuity of the instant moment, the drag.
The video follows a repeating one minute indefinitely, idea that survives across the project.
The action ends up in circular motion a continuous ringing, the ringing of desire.
The time condition as subversion in the absence of a beginning or an end in itself as the circle. Touch at a point, a tangent origin. Witness a space and defines an intersection within the geometric language.
The imagery in turn can be confused with any image from video games, entertainment, passenger and continues.

One Minute Desire #3 , 2007 <br /> One Minute Desire #4<br /> One Minute Desire #5<br /> One Minute Desire #6 <br /> Beijamento, 2008<br /> Beijamento 2008 <br />

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