Banana Bailarina

EI-OU is a collaborative edition project, with André Sousa, where dialogue as process for organizing independent visual works makes part of a very open methodologie...

Banana Bailarina is my work for the EI-OU.02 release.
It came from a photography series, where I staged some portraits during family time. They have made part of my personal archive, for a long time. My interest here is more than the family portrait.
This work presents a particular family feminine legacy, and the way it embodies culture. Identity and gender are defined with daily gestures: extend, roll and rotate...
5 different posters are organised in pairs in six possible variations.

EI-OU.02 ,Lordelo do Ouro 2015<br /> Banana Bailarina  ed. 1/13<br /> Banana Bailarina  ed 1/20 <br /> EI-OU.02 ,Lordelo do Ouro 2015. Edition of 40.<br />

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