Luís Espinheira

Luís Espinheira (1979)

I Live and work in Porto
Graduated in 2003 in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. I´m a multimedia artist and my art work, goes from photography to drawings or objects. I've been exhibiting my work not so regularly as I would like, since 2001. I Teache in arts department since 1999. Currently I´m invited assistent professor at the ESAD, FBAUP and ULP and I do commercial photography as freelancer.
In 2015 I have started my phd, on Art Media, at Universidade Lusófona do Porto.

2014 Olhar Raso, Sismógrafo, Porto
2011 Ando Parado, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto
2010 knowing that one is looking at a mirage and not at real water doesn`t make the mirage disappear, Appleton Square, Lisbon
2010 Anestesia Geral, Fundação (Rua do Bonjardim), Porto
2009 Hope Junkies, Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática, Vila do Conde
2008 One minute desire, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto
2007 Ten thousand pictures of me and my girlfriend making love, Sala Poste-ite, Porto
2006 Light (e) motion , Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto
2006 Incomplete body, Espaço AC (Arte Contempo), Lisbon
2004 Estratégias do Quotidiano, Cirurgias Urbanas, Porto
2004 Short Message, Commo’n foto gallery at Artes em Partes, Porto

2014 Sem Quartel / Without Mercy, Sismógrafo, Porto
2010 Topologias, Casa da Galeria, Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Santo Tirso
2008 Short List Prémio Purificación Garcia, Circulo Bellas Artes, Madrid
2008 Note it! Do it, Espaço Pedras e Pêssegos, Porto
2005 Cem Desenhos, Maus Hábitos, Porto.
GPO31031405, curated by Miguel Amado, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto.
2004 ANTECIPARTE, Estufa Fria, Lisbon .
2004Quartel 04, Porto.
2003 Bush Imperial, Pêssego Pra Semana, Porto.
2003FBAUP Drawing Show, Fundação Júlio Resende, Valongo.
2002 Prémio WANDSCHNEIDER, ANJE, Porto
Group exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts of Krakow.
2001 FBAUP Drawing Show, Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, V.N. Famalicão.
WC INVICTA PUBLIC’ARTE, Sentidos Grátis, artistic intervention in the Largo do Viriato Bathhouse, Porto

Fundação PLMJ, Lisbon
BESart – Banco Espírito Santo Collection, Lisbon
COFF – Fundación Centro Órdoñez Falcón de Fotografia, San Sebastián

2007 Short course on photography and studio lightning at Instituto Português de Fotografia, Porto
2004 Workshop: “KORSAKOW cinema and internet” _ workshop on editing for interactive narratives at ETIC, Lisbon, under the guidance of Florian Thalofer (developer of the software used) and Willem Velthoven (Mediamatic/ Universität der Kunst, Berlin).
Workshop: “Video and Contemporary Art” conducted at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Serralves (MAC Serralves) under the guidance of Miguel Wandschneider.
1997/2003 Degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.
2002 Workshop “Science and Art – the intervention of video”, conducted by Mika Taanila
2001/2002 Erasmus Exchange at the Fine Arts Academy at Krakow (Poland).
2001 Workshop: “Common Place”, on the subject of public art, conducted at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the university of Porto.
1999 Attended the Internacionale Sommerakademie Fur Bildend Kunst – Salzburg (International Summer Academy for Visual Arts – Salzburg) under the guidance of the Zhou Brothers.
Photography course at Macrozoom.
1994/97 High school graduation from Visual Arts School Soares dos Reis

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